Find the Perfect Tables for your Wedding Reception

One of the great benefits of having a marquee wedding is that you can be in complete control over the look and design of your reception venue. From floor to ceiling, you call all the shots for a unique venue that reflects your personalities and taste. One surprisingly important part of this is choosing the shape of the tables at your reception. Each shape of table offers its own range of benefits, and depending on what type of wedding reception you want, some may work better than others.

Here at Wings Events, we’ve worked with hundreds of happy couples to plan their wedding marquees, including tables and we know there’s no single right answer.

Round Tables

If you want a timeless feel to your wedding reception, round tables are the classic choice. Provided you choose centrepieces that aren’t too tall or wide, round tables are excellent for ensuring that your guests can easily talk each other across the table, as well as the people immediately next to them.

Alex and Harley’s Wedding June 2019

If you like the idea of round tables, but want to get away from the traditional feel, you can choose to have a selection of larger and smaller tables for your guests. As well as providing the atmosphere you want, it means that you don’t have to perfectly divide your guest list into groups of 10, and gives you more control ensuring your guests are sat with people they know and feel comfortable around.

The one downside to round tables is that they take up a lot of room compared to other options, meaning that you’ll most likely need to book a bigger marquee. Either way, your marquee company should happily work with you to ensure you have plenty of space, regardless of your table shapes.

Trestle Tables

Jake and Cristina’s Wedding July 2019

Joining trestle tables for a banquet-style layout has been a very popular choice for weddings this year. Either by using the regular trestle table or a rustic wood top version this style of dining can save space, as you can fit more guests around the tables, making them the ideal solution if you’re working with a smaller budget. Either with the classic Ivory Chiavari Chair or rustic  Crossback Chair, works beautifully. To give our customers the most competitive price and more selection, we can confirm that we will be personally stocking the Crossback Chair for bookings in 2020!

The one downside to trestle table dining, especially if you do decide to arrange them in a banquet style, is that your guests can only really talk to the people either side of them and opposite them. This means you’d probably have to consider your seating plan carefully to ensure that everyone can have a good conversation over dinner.

Here at Wings Events, we have a wide range of round and trestle tables for you to choose from and our professional and friendly team will work with you to help you choose the best type of table for your wedding reception. However you decide to design your marquee, you can relax know the team at Wings Events is here to help.

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